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In the PDS, we summarise what to do, see the below extract to help you:

If an event occurs that is likely to result in a claim, the following checklist will help You ensure that You have done everything You need to do, so that Your claim can be assessed quickly. Not all items may be applicable to Your claim.

First You should:

  • report the event to the police or other authority;
  • notify the police if the event involves theft, attempted theft, malicious damage or impact;
  • do what You can to prevent any further loss, damage, cost or liability;
  • call Us on 1300 960 437; or
  • email:

You must never, without Our consent:

  • admit guilt, fault or liability (except where required by law);
  • offer or negotiate to pay a claim;
  • approve any repairs or arrange replacements (other than emergency repairs necessary to minimise or prevent further loss or damage);
  • dispose of any damaged property.

We will also require You to:

  • provide Us with the proof that We require regarding lost or damaged items;
  • help Us manage the claim, which may include Us inspecting Your Motorcycle or asking You questions, or You providing written statements to Us under oath;
  • keep items that have been damaged and allow Us to inspect them or assess repair costs;
  • allow Us to take possession of damaged property that is the subject  of a claim;
  • send Us any communication You receive relating to the claim  (including telling Us of pending court proceedings or offers of settlement within 24 hours);
  • help Us as We work to negotiate, defend or settle any claim made under the Policy and to exercise for Our benefit Your legal right of recovery against any other party;
  • tell Us about any other insurance that may be relevant to the claim.